Foam roofs here in the Valley are a great option for many homes. Not only do they help insulate from our extreme Arizona heat, but they also help insulate your home from exterior noises. Most importantly, of course, they protect your house from water leaks.

In the world of roofing, a foam roof is often called a “lifetime” roof. It should be 1” thick at a minimum to pro-tect the roof as the water proofer, and then a coating is ap-plied on top and that protects the foam from the sun. These roofs are quite easy to maintain and, if properly maintained, a foam roof can last up to 30+ years.
So what kind of maintenance is recommended?

For starters, it is a good idea to have your foam roof cleaned every year. This is a simple job that a handyman can do. They will blow the dirt granules off so they do not irritate the coating, and then will do a simple wash.

Experts suggest that the elastomeric coating be reapplied every five years. The coating is the protector for the foam, and the foam is the protector for the roof. Over time, the strong sun and elements here cause that elastomeric coating to oxidize. The coating will break down, start to form little pockmarks and eventually little holes will appear. With that, it will expose the foam. The sun will then break down the foam, it will become compromised and then over time you may start to experience roof leaks.

Here’s an excellent roofing video;