Walk decks are common in Arizona because they provide a comfortable outdoor living space on a flat, easily accessible surface. Arizona’s warm and sunny climate makes outdoor living spaces highly desirable, and a walk deck can be an excellent addition to a home or commercial property.

Walk decks are typically installed on the roof of a home or building and provide a comfortable and safe area for activities such as entertaining, relaxing, and outdoor dining. They can also offer a great view of the surrounding landscape, which is especially beneficial in areas with beautiful scenery.

Walk decks can also be used as an additional living space or a private outdoor retreat. They can be customized with different features such as built-in seating, outdoor kitchens, and even hot tubs.

Another advantage of walk decks in Arizona is that they can help protect the underlying roofing system from UV radiation, rainwater, and other weather elements, which can prolong the life of the roof and reduce the need for costly repairs.

Here in beautiful Scottsdale, AZ and surrounding areas of the Valley, we all want to spend more time outside. We have those beautiful views right in our own backyards, and now we want to be able to enjoy the beautiful sunsets we have here on an almost daily basis. Walk decks are just that kind of place! If you’re looking to create an outdoor oasis, a calm retreat before sleep, a place to host get-togethers, or even a place to grill outside, a walk deck might be just the space for you.

Find Your Backyard Oasis with a Walk Deck

A walk deck is a deck that extends out over another outdoor living space or is built over an occupied living space. Since they are usually framed over existing living space, a walk deck has to be finished with a waterproof material that requires little maintenance and lasts a long time. That’s where our highly trained professionals at TraVek Roofing come in.

Walk Deck

TraVek Roofing is Your Partner for Walk Decks

Let the roofing experts here at TraVek Roofing make sure that your walk deck is watertight and ready for use. No matter what kind of walk deck you decide to build, our roofing specialists can make sure that your walk deck is built correctly and finished with the highest quality materials available in the industry.

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