Tile roofing is a versatile option when you need commercial roofing. This is especially true when you want a more decorative or esthetic finished look on your building. Tile roofing can add an old-world charm or historic flair that can be very attractive to clients and visitors. Since there are many new tile colors, styles, shapes, and sizes available today, your commercial building can look very traditional or completely modern with this type of roofing.

Commercial Tile Roofing Services you Can Count On

Tile roofing is durable and tough. It can stand up to the harshest weather elements. Here in the Scottsdale area, tile roofing holds up better than any other material. The high-quality tile roofing that we offer here at TraVek Roofing is low maintenance, fire resistant, and insect repellant. It’s also immune to rot and it sheds water extremely well.

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TraVek Roofing Can Service Your Commercial Tile Roof

The roofing technicians at TraVek Roofing have specialized training when it comes to installing and maintaining tile roofing. If your underlayment has become dry and cracked, we can remove and replace it (R&R), waterproof it, and then reinstall your existing tile or put on something completely new for you. The possibilities are endless with this type of roofing material, and you can trust our knowledgeable, friendly experts with any project. Call us today for a consultation anywhere in the Phoenix, Scottsdale, Carefree, Fountain Hills, Cave Creek area.

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