The roof of your home protects you against the sun and the elements. It helps keep you cool during the summer by insulating your home. Regularly scheduled tile maintenance is important, especially in AZ. We have more than 200 days of sun during the year. The sun and the heat can cause the roof tiles to become brittle and dry. Rain and moisture can cause the underlayment to leak over time. The underlayment needs to be completely waterproof in order to protect the frame of your home. After some time, this underlayment will need to be replaced.

Make Sure Your Tiles Are In Good Shape

Problems like damaged flashing, minor roof leaks, and wood rot can become major issues when left untreated. Unresolved roofing problems can lead to higher heating and cooling bills, pest control problems, water damage, and possible mold growth.

Phoenix-area home with tile roof

Call on TraVek Roofing for Roofing that Lasts

Regular tile maintenance can help catch minor problems before they become a big, uncomfortable issues. At TraVek Roofing, we can remove the roofing tiles, replace the damaged underlayment, and return the old tiles. We can inspect your roof inside and out and assess any damages. Rest assured, our certified, expert roofing contractors will be able to handle any tile maintenance that might need to be done.

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