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This video above shows a home in Chandler, Arizona that leaked in multiple places for twenty six years. To make matters worse, the homeowners were frustrated with poor service from less qualified roofing contractors. After working with a TraVek Roofing roofing contractor, however, the problem was solved. In the husband’s words “We had many bad experiences with tradesmen and you restored our faith in them. Ever since you worked on our home it has been leak free and we now enjoy the rain.” This roof repair was completed in 2008 and the home has been leak free ever since.

Foam Roofing Leaks

Tom and Jan live in Carefree, Arizona and had roof leaks in their 12 year old home. Without doing much research, they hired a contractor to install a new foam roof so they would not have to worry about it anymore. Unfortunately, that is when the real problems started. When the next rains came they found several more leaks than they had before the roof was installed. You can see in this video that some leaks were actually created by the methods used by the roofer and some of the roof leaks were not from the roof at all. Jan had become so frustrated and filled with anxiety over their leaky roof that she actually wanted to sell their home and move away. Tom contacted TraVek Roofing. we accurately diagnosed their problem and permanently fixed their leaks. This job was completed in 2008 and has been leak free ever since! TraVek Roofing will provide you with the best foam roofers in Phoenix!

Roofing Done Right The First Time!

When it comes to roof repair and installation, nothing is more frustrating that feeling like you didn’t get what you paid for. These homeowners had a new foam roof installed to eliminate irritating leaks. When the rains came, however, they discovered that none of the leaks had gone away. The homeowners consulted a variety of “experts” to help determine why their foam roof was leaking even after they had spent their hard earned money for a brand new roof. The experts were unable to help them. Finally they found TraVek Roofing. We were able to diagnose exactly why their home was leaking. We determined the best solution to stop the leaks. In this case we worked on several areas of their home but not on the roof at all!

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