Foam Roofs

New Foam Roofs

Take comfort in knowing that your new TraVek Roofing “Foam Roof” is backed by for nearly 40 years we have been the leader in the Foam Roofing industry.

Our foam trucks are built to our specifications to guarantee the best possible coverage. Our employees are trained to our standards and we never subcontract labor.

Foam Roof Maintenance & Repair

In Arizona a foam is the best choice when possible. It reflects the rays of the sun and keeps your home or business cooler. Your foam roof should never look like it does in this picture. Regular recoats and inspections will ensure years of comfort and reliability.

Does your house have leaks? Leaks can me more than just an annoyance. Trust our knowledgable team. We take painstaking steps to resolve any roofing issue.

TraVek Roofing can help. We offer free in-home consultations and estimates, and take the time to pinpoint the cause of the leak, rather than just cover it up.

Why Choose Us?

We routinely find and stop roof leaks other companies cannot!