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What Should I Inspect on My Roof?

The Drainage: If the existing drainage on your roof leaves large ponds on it after a rain, this must be addressed before the new roof is installed. If it is not addressed, the weight alone from a large amount of standing water will often cause structural damage to your building. Small ponds on flat roofs are normal and acceptable, large ones are not.

The Scuppers: These are the objects that protrude through your parapet walls and your water runs through to get off the roof. Scuppers that are not sized properly or that are detailed incorrectly are very common causes of roof leaks. After a windy season you may find leaves and little branches or pine needles gather here and jam up the flow of water from the roof. That’s an easy fix of just removing the garbage.

The Tie-In Areas: These are the areas where a flat and a pitched roof meet. This junction is a very common leak area. If only the flat portion of your roof is being done, a proper tie-in at the junction of your flat and pitched roof is critical to prevent leaks. In order for a proper tie- in to be performed, the flat roofing material must extend up the slope and under the pitched roofing material at least 12 to 18 inches.

The Roof to Wall Transitions: This is one of the most common areas where leaks can actually be CREATED by the roofer. In the case of a framed building with stucco, while installing a foam roof, there are very specific ways in which wall to roof transitions must be performed. Watch our videos on YoutTube to learn more about this.

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From quote to completion this company walks the talk. Communication is clear, precise and timely; work ethic is A+, and results exceeded expectations.


Absolutely the best experience with roofers I have ever had! This a top notch professional organization which keeps their promises, preforms quality work within the time period given using quality products.


Paul Huckins did a great job arranging a roof repair at our house. Then he performed a thorough roof inspection at another house we were under contact for. Well done ! Have recommended him to other people.

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