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Is Roof Cleaning Necessary?

Roof cleaning is necessary in some areas.We often get asked about roof maintenance and whether or not roof cleaning is necessary. If so, how often?

The need for roof cleaning in Arizona can vary depending on several factors. We live in a dusty part of the country! Arizona is known for its desert environment, and there is more accumulation of dust, sand and debris on the roofs than in other parts of the country. Over time this debris can affect both the appearance and integrity of the roof. It can contribute to clogged gutters, drainage issues and even damaged surfaces. Regular cleaning can help keep the roof free from debris and maintain a good, solid watertight roof.

Depending on the type of roof you have, cleaning your roof will also improve its appearance and the curb appeal of your home. If visual appearance is a concern, especially at a time when you may be selling your home, regular cleaning will help maintain its attractiveness.

What will dirty my roof?

Birds! We love them, but we don’t like what they do to our roofs! They can be so messy and turn into unwelcomed guests on our roofs. Bird droppings are so acidic and can really wreak havoc on a roof. It’s especially noticeable on metal, shingle and foam roofs. An overabundance of bird droppings can create big damage if it’s not washed away. Besides that, bird droppings tend to invite other pesky critters, including flies, rats and mice.

And then there are solar panels. We know we live in the land of abundant sunshine, and solar installation is very popular. In order to get the maximum energy production from the solar, the panels need to be kept clean. Regular roof cleaning can help remove the dirt, dust and debris before it accumulates on the panels, as well.

In answer to your question, Should roofs be cleaned periodically in Arizona, the answer is Yes! Your roof should be cleaned periodically. If you need help cleaning it or have quetsions about it, please reach out to our roofing team at TraVek Roofing. Our team can assess the specific condition of your roof and recommend appropriate cleaning methods and frequency. Some roofs may require gentler cleaning techniques to avoid damaging the roofing materials. As an aside but very important, safety precautions should be followed, especially when working at heights or on steep roofs. Please don’t go on the roof unless you’re comfortable doing so.

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