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Your roof is the first line of defense for your home. How can you be sure you are hiring someone you can trust to work on your roof? Here are some green flags to look for when searching for a professional roofer in Scottsdale.

  1. Licensing and insurance: A professional roofer should have the necessary licenses and permits to operate in your area. They should also carry comprehensive liability insurance and worker’s compensation coverage. They should be able to provide proof of both should you request it.
  2. Experience and established reputation: A roofing professional will typically have several years of experience in the industry. Look for a roofer with a proven track record and positive customer reviews.
  3. Knowledge and expertise: A professional roofer should have in-depth knowledge about various roofing materials, techniques, and building codes. They should be able to provide guidance and recommendations based on your specific roofing needs. The best roofers want to help you understand your roof and its needs better, not just send you a blind quote.
  4. Clear communication and transparency: A professional roofer will communicate clearly and effectively. They will be responsive to your questions, explain the roofing process in detail, and provide a written estimate with all the necessary information about the project.
  5. Quality workmanship: A professional roofer takes pride in their work and pays attention to detail. They should provide high-quality craftsmanship and ensure that the roofing installation or repairs are done correctly and up to industry standards.
  6. Warranty and customer satisfaction: A reputable roofer will offer warranties on both the materials used and the installation work. They should be willing to stand behind their work and address any issues or concerns that may arise after the project is completed.
  7. Professionalism and reliability: A roofing professional will exhibit professionalism in their demeanor, appearance, and communication. They will arrive on time, meet deadlines, and keep you informed throughout the project. They should also maintain a clean and organized work area.
  8. Ongoing education and industry involvement: A roofing professional who is dedicated to their craft will stay updated on the latest industry trends, technologies, and best practices. Look for certifications, memberships in professional roofing associations, or evidence of ongoing education or training.
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From quote to completion this company walks the talk. Communication is clear, precise and timely; work ethic is A+, and results exceeded expectations.


Paul Huckins did a great job arranging a roof repair at our house. Then he performed a thorough roof inspection at another house we were under contact for. Well done ! Have recommended him to other people.


Absolutely the best experience with roofers I have ever had! This a top notch professional organization which keeps their promises, preforms quality work within the time period given using quality products.

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We routinely find and stop roof leaks other companies cannot!

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