About TraVek Roofing

Choosing The Right Contractor

Improper roofing procedures often lead to issues with moisture. It’s also possible that your leaks are not caused by your roof at all. Because TraVek Roofing approaches the entire building envelope we utilize broader thinking We can accurately pinpoints flaws beyond the roof alone and  provide successful and lasting results. In other words, you can rest assured, we don’t install a new roof if replacing the flashing around windows would solve your leak. We stick to the exact problem and provide effective service.

Let The Experts Find Hidden Leaks!

Have you been dealing with leaks since your house was built? Have you had a new roof installed with no success? Many roofers attempt to repair without getting to the exact cause of the problem, which leads to issues being covered up rather than resolved. Your roof might look good, but it will still have flaws that result in leaks. Your roof might not even be the source of the leak. Have confidence that TraVek Roofing accurately diagnoses and solves even the most stubborn and elusive leaks in roofs, walls, windows, or wherever they may be.

Why Choose Us?

We routinely find and stop roof leaks other companies cannot!